iMovie to FCE Session

I gave my first conference session at Macworld Expo last week, on moving from iMovie to Final Cut Express. (For those who attended: you can download the session notes, a 3 MB PDF file; a few hours after I posted the file on Wednesday, our Web server went south in a bad way, so my apologies if you couldn’t get through.) That’s first session ever, not just first Macworld session, and I think it went okay. In addition to being fairly stressed, I should have prepared more and gotten a better sense of elapsed time. Overall, I give myself a C grade, for starting off strong and crumbling some at the end. But I learned a lot, and look forward to seeing the evaluations from attendees.

However, shortly after the Users Conference session, I had an appearance at the Peachpit Press booth to talk about my books, and that went much better, despite the fact that I missed the memo that the appearance would be a theater presentation instead of a simple booksigning. I showed off iMovie 3 (I don’t have my hands on iMovie 4 yet) and iChat AV off the cuff.

So, overall, I give myself a B-minus grade for the day. Not bad for the first time out, I say!

  1. Andrew Laurence January 14, 2004 at 8:58 am

    Congrats! Will you now be joining “the circuit” of book authors to do sessions at all the conferences? 😀

  2. I’m willing to give it a try. Actually, it’s interesting that many people assumed that I’d already been doing it. I had a handful of folks who were surprised that this was my first session ever. We’ll see…

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