Leave Your Laptop at Home

Macworld Magazine has put an article of mine online (it originally appeared last month in the printed magazine): Leave Your Laptop at Home.

    Savvy business travelers know which clothes they can pack to keep their luggage light and manageable, but they should also know how to keep their electronic gear compact and easy to transport. Unless you’re working in Photoshop or editing audio and video files, a Palm OS–based handheld and a few accessories are all you really need. With a little effort, you can set up your handheld to work with Microsoft Office documents, check e-mail, and browse the Web. Today’s handhelds make it practical to work away from the office with equipment that fits in your pockets.

One correction to note, however: The Palm Bluetooth card does not work with the Palm Tungsten E, because Palm OS 5.x can’t work with that expansion card. When I researched the article, a confusing sequence of Web navigation made one think that the card would work with the Tungsten E.

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