No Video from iSight

Apple’s new iSight video camera won’t capture video to iMovie, according to an Apple KnowledgeBase document. The iSight doesn’t output in the DV format that iMovie recognizes. However, you can use the iSight as a good-quality microphone to record voice-overs within iMovie.

If you have a digital camcorder already, however, you don’t need a $150 iSight to use Apple’s iChat AV videoconferencing software. Simply plug your camcorder into the FireWire port of your Mac and set it to camera/record mode. iChat AV automatically detects your camera and starts working.

iChat AV Tip: Does your camcorder automatically turn itself off after a few minutes of inactivity? To get around this, take the miniDV tape out; the camcorder will stay on as long as you want (or as long as its battery will last!).

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