iMovie 3 VQS Now Available!

My latest book, iMovie 3 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide is now shipping! This edition covers everything about editing video using iMovie 3 through the just-released iMovie 3.0.3 update (thanks to the confluence of Apple releasing the software the day before bluelines arrived at the publisher, resulting in a very hectic day of revisions).

However, note that lists the iMovie 3 VQS as having a shipping surcharge of $3.80 due to its “unusual size or weight”. Considering that the book is 194 pages, this is clearly screwy. Other books, such as Tom Negrino’s Keynote VQS show the same thing. I’ve let Peachpit know about this, and I have some friends at Amazon who are also looking into it. If you order a book and are actually charged, please email me so I can keep track of who this is affecting.

Update: I’ve just set up a new affiliate link with Peachpit to order the book using this link. If you order here, you don’t have to worry about Amazon’s snafu, I get a little bit of an affiliate commission, the book ships within 24 hours, and UPS shipping is free.

Update 2: Thanks to some speedy persistence by one of my friends at Amazon, we’ve discovered that Ingram (where Amazon gets its catalog info) listed the book as being 19.99 pounds. The problem should be cleared up within the next couple of days.

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