Why I Love TiVo #1

Expect to read a lot of praise for TiVo in this blog. For the record, I have a DirecTiVo unit that ties into DirecTV, recently upgraded with a 120 GB hard drive kit from weaknees.com.

Why praise TiVo this week? My wife and I have been fans of the show 24 since the first episode, and we’re fans of the current season 2 as well. However, 24 has fallen into a deeply unfortunately sinkhole: every blonde woman on the show is an idiot.

We’re actually a couple weeks behind schedule (I’ve been working hard and Kim’s been travelling on business — see how great TiVo is already?), so perhaps in the most recent episodes someone knocked some sense into the blonde characters. But I doubt it.

Some quick examples (spoilers ahead if you’re not current on the show): Jack’s daughter Kim is the all-time winner in this category, doing inane things like (a) not telling a nurse that the child Kim nannies (is that a verb?) is being abused by the girl’s father, but instead saying, “You don’t think *I* did it, do you?”; (b) after Jack tells her that a nuclear bomb is in L.A. and to — no matter what — not tell anyone, Kim hangs up, calls her boyfriend, and spills the beans; (c) or, lastly, because I can’t resist it, Kim hides the little girl behind some boxes in an alley when being chased by the abusive father, instead of taking the girl with her to use a telephone to call for help. Of course the kid would be gone when she got back!

Or we have Kate, who seems perpetually unable to look at the facts in front of her (her sister’s fiance is linked to terrorists, her father is somehow involved, she’s ruining everyone’s day and is incapable of piecing together cause and effect).

So what does this have to do with TiVo? Fast-forwarding! When Kim appears, zip through the scenes at 2x speed! Trust me, you won’t miss anything in terms of the plot. (Of course she’s going to tell the police that there’s a nuclear bomb in L.A. — she’s incapable of keeping any secrets — so just assume that if she’s in the police station, they know.) And if you did miss something, you can always go back, grit your teeth, and watch her scenes to see if they advanced the plot.

  1. I’m so glad to hear that someone else has noticed the Blonde Problem with 24.2. First of all, there are TOO MANY BLONDES on that show. President Palmer’s probably going to go blonde in an episode, or maybe Ensign Ro! And I missed one episode. How did the blone bride go from clueless to evil in one episode? We just got a new VCR that has a +30 second zip button. I like your suggestion for viewing TV Jeff by zipping over Kim.

  2. I haven’t seen much about the blonde bride yet, so I think you’ve seen an episode I haven’t. I have to admit that except for the Blonde Problem, the rest of the show is pretty tightly-written and compelling.

  3. I didn’t want to mention anything about Marie, but it seems that someone else has already. But yeah, it’s seems like there might be something there a little more interesting than just another blonde twit.
    So far as Kim, there’s a reason that Tom & I have nicknamed her “Dim.”

  4. Uh: helloooooooooo? Sexism alert? We’re just going to let the Mighty Dim Blonde Kiefer slide, huh?
    Anyway: Exec Producers: Joel Surnow and Rob Cochran; Producer Michael Loceff… who incidently did the first port of OpenGL to the Mac OS.
    What show did these people do before 24? La Femme Nikita.
    Which had its moments, but really: the dim blonde thing really shouldn’t be a surpise.
    geoff (who really does sometimes assess tv shows based solely on their introductory credits)

  5. Keifer is really more sandy-blonde than blonde. And he doesn’t come across NEARLY as dumb as his TV daughter. 🙂

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