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The Value of Returning to Your Photos

It’s easy to finish a shoot or a vacation and then move on to the next one. But invariably I find gems and worthwhile photos when I return to them later, even more than a year later in this case.


Middle Falls black-and-white

September and October are turning out to be extremely busy for me, work wise, so as a quick distraction/mental escape here’s another photo of Middle Falls near McCloud, California. (Here’s an earlier shot I posted.) The falls are easily accessible after a short hike, and I imagine the autumn colors are starting to look really ...


Upper Newhalem Creek

(Click here to view the image larger) To reach this area of Newhalem Creek, you first follow the Rock Shelter trail, which ends in a section of mountain adorned with petroglyphs where Native Americans would take shelter from the elements. But don’t turn toward the shelter and its accessible trail. Instead, turn left at the ...


Middle Falls, McCloud River

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Multnomah Falls

Working on a big, seemingly impossible deadline, so I’m taking occasional refuge away from words and processing photos. During the Oregon Wonders Photo Workshop I attended last fall, one of our stops was beautiful Multnomah Falls (and breakfast at the lodge there). It’s hard to find a shot that hasn’t been captured by thousands of ...


Snoqualmie Falls Sunset

For Mother’s Day, we went up to Snoqualmie Falls (about an hour’s drive from Seattle) and had dinner with other family members at the Salish Lodge (it was delicious). Afterward, I did some shooting of the falls themselves as the sun went down. It’s not dramatic in this photo, but the lodge and the cliff ...


Frozen REI Falls

A little unexpected urban photography this afternoon. After running an errand at Seattle’s flagship REI store, I noticed that the waterfall leading to the entrance was partially frozen. I happened to have my DSLR and a GorillaPod tripod, so I spent some time shooting. Edited across the street at Espresso Vivace (where I warmed up!) ...


South Falls Bridge

I want to return to Silver Falls State Park near Silverton, Oregon, because I feel like I only scratched the surface of the area when I visited in October. This photo was shot crouched at the edge of the creek near a bridge at the South Falls. If you like the work I do, please ...