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Twitterrific was the first Mac client for Twitter, and I’ve used it since almost the beginning—10 years ago! When the app developers, The Iconfactory, expanded to iOS, Twitterrific kept up with Twitter’s features on iOS, but not on the Mac. (That’s due to programming resources, but also a lot of dickish moves by Twitter to shut out developers for a while.)

And yet, I still use Twitterrific as my Twitter client on the Mac, even though it lacks a lot of modern Twitter features. I’ve tried others, and none of them stick.

Now, The Iconfactory is Kickstarting a push to revive Twitterrific on macOS with Project Phoenix. If they can raise $75,000, they’ll be able to finish development on a brand-new version of Twitterrific. If they go over that amount, that gives them the ability to add more features.

In general, I’m not a fan of established companies using Kickstarter to fund their products. I get PR emails from one company all the time advertising some new product that’s actually just a funding plea.

But I make exceptions for companies I respect and trust, and The Iconfactory is way up on that list. I’ve kicked a contribution to help this project get made. You can too.

I appeared on Clockwise again this week, a great 30-minute podcast where four people offer their opinions on four technology topics. I love Clockwise because it’s so easily digestible, and the topics are always interesting.

For this episode, 172: Serial iPhone Killer, we discussed the upcoming Nintendo Switch gaming platform, Twitter security challenges for the White House, the death of the Vine video service, and the changing face of Apple support. I was joined by hosts Jason Snell and Dan Moren, as well as the multi-talented Alex Cox. Go have a listen!

I swear, this is not Photoshopped. Captured straight from my timeline:

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Here’s the link to the Star Wars “Machete” Viewing Order.

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Verbatim exchange between me and my daughter this morning. Her reply was immediate: