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Tulip Trekking in Skagit County

Not being a morning person doesn't stop me from trekking an hour north to shoot the sunrise at the Skagit County Tulip Festival.


Tulip Dawn

When we went out for a sunrise photo shoot at the tulip fields near Mount Vernon, Washington, I had a few ideas in my head for what types of photos to create. I’ve been to the Tulip Festival before and shot the types of photos you see of the rows and rows of spectacular color. ...


One More Tulip Sunrise Photo

I know, it’s another photo from last week’s sunrise photo shoot at the tulip fields. But I can’t help sharing the beautiful light we encountered that morning (especially since it’s a very gray and rainy day in Seattle today). Enjoy! [Interested in purchasing a print? Go to Zenfolio or 500px.] If you like the work ...


Tulip Sunrise

(Click the photo to view it larger) Waking up at 4am to drive an hour north isn’t my definition of a good way to start a Saturday morning. This weekend, however, my family and I (yes, my daughter, too) headed at dark to Mount Vernon, Washington to photograph the tulip fields at sunrise. The weather ...


Tulips and Timing

Click photos to view them larger (better) Light is the most important element in photography, but timing plays a huge role, too. Unless you’re staging everything in a studio (and even then timing is extremely important, capturing moods and angles and positions), you’re usually at the mercy of some sort of timing. That means triggering ...