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Holiday Gift Idea: Stuffie Stickers

Kids love stickers. When my daughter was a toddler, we gave her pages and pages of stickers to play with—many of which ended up on the legs of an old table. You can buy stickers of almost anything, from current movies and books to abstract shapes. But that plethora of options is also somewhat numbing—what’s ...


Beat Boredom with Fun Photo Ideas for iPhone and iPad

Spring brings rain to the Pacific Northwest, and with it, occasional boredom. But if you have an iPhone or iPad, you don’t have to be bored—and I’m not talking about playing Minecraft for hours on end. In my latest article for Macworld, I offer three fun photo ideas you can do with an iOS device ...


Support Good People, 2013

As 2013 wraps up, and especially now that it’s a week before Christmas, I’m sure you’re getting pitches from all directions for products and services to spend your money on. I certainly am. I retweet and share things on Twitter and Facebook and Google+, but that’s just as scattershot. So I’m trying something new that ...