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Finding New Angles, Whether You Want To or Not

My family and I took the train to Portland, Oregon a couple weeks ago to visit friends for the long weekend. I didn’t pack for a photo trip, intentionally keeping it light: Fuji X-T1, 18-135mm lens (currently my only lens for the Fuji), and the usual complement of cords and spare batteries that I keep ...


Cathedral Light

St. John’s Bridge, Portland, Oregon If you like the work I do, please consider signing up for my low-volume mailing list that I use to announce new projects, items, and giveaways that I think my readers would be interested in.


New Life on the Rooftop

You know how common photo wisdom doesn’t always sink in? When I’m making photos, I often find myself forgetting important advice such as “Look up.” It’s so easy to scan everything at eye level or lower (especially when you’re tall like I am) to locate good scenes. So I now try to make a conscious ...