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Photocombobulate #17 – Mistakes Were Made

Jeff and Mason look at embarrassing photo mistakes they've made and try to find a way forward.

PhotoActive Episode 40: Geotagging with HoudahGeo

New PhotoActive episode! We welcome Pierre Bernard, developer of the Mac application HoudahGeo, to talk about geotagging and how it’s beneficial for photographers (or even folks on vacation). Take a listen and subscribe to the podcast here: Episode 40: Location Exploration with HoudahGeo. Houdah is also the sponsor of this episode, and in the show ...


Article: iStabilizer Dolly Review





Welcome! Read Me First

If you were redirected from necoffee.com or my iMovie blog, all of that information can now be found here at jeffcarlson.com. A few pointers: Click the Categories pop-up menu to jump to specific topics (such as iMovie). Important book updates and other timely items appear in the sidebar. The archives go back to 2003, so ...