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The Peak Design Travel Tripod

When I traveled to Kauai in December, I needed a compact tripod I could carry and use easily. I’ve been lugging a giant Manfrotto beast for years—still do—but hiking in the jungle just requires something smaller and lighter. I ended up buying a Three-Legged Thing Punks Corey tripod, and it was exactly what I needed. ...

How to Use Lightroom Mobile while Traveling

One of my photo workshop participants wrote with a question: She’s going on a trip and wants to use her iPad and Lightroom Mobile just for the trip, without syncing her existing photo library to the device. Is it possible? In my latest article for CreativePro, I explain how to use the iPad as a ...

Lightroom CC Mobile Review

When my editor at Download.com asked if I could write a review of Lightroom CC Mobile, I figured it would be an easy assignment. 2700 words later, here's my review.

My Favorite Coffee in Seattle

If you're just visiting Seattle, or you've just moved here, or if, like me, you want to expand your coffee knowledge, here are some of my favorite coffee spots.