Cool New Safari Feature

I’ve been using the beta version of Apple’s Safari Web browser since it was released at Macworld in January. The latest version has been out for less than a week, and I just found a nifty cool feature: group some favorite sites in a Bookmark Folder on the Bookmarks Bar (I have one for weblogs ...


Cult of TiVo

The New York Times has an amusing article called “Why TiVo Owners Can’t Shut Up“. We’re a vocal minority, to be sure, which could be one reasy why TiVo, according to the article, hasn’t done any advertising since 2000. In addition to talking about the benefits of TiVo, the article speculates that one reason people ...


Shipping Overkill Award

You’ve probably ordered some small item over the Web that’s arrived in a box that’s way too big. Well, I think a recent laptop loaner from Sony trumps all. I understand that Sony wants to make sure its laptop returns in good condition, but geez… The funny thing is, the laptop box itself was flat ...


Demolition and Kindness

When Kim and I moved into our house in October, we had a number of projects before us. One of those was to turn an area of the upstairs from a kids’ bedroom into my home office. It looked easy enough (famous last words): there were two built-in beds, so I just had to remove ...


Big PowerBook and Tom Bihn

I’m writing a short piece for the Seattle Times about large laptops, which enabled me to get a 17-inch PowerBook G4 from Apple on loan. It’s a beautiful machine, but man is it big. I got to play with the floor models on display at Macworld Expo in January, but you don’t get a sense ...


TIP: Automatic QuickTime Movie

I’ve noticed a new – positive! – wrinkle since upgrading to iMovie 3.0.2: when you save a project, a QuickTime movie sharing the project’s name appears in the project folder. iMovie automatically generates a DV-formatted QuickTime file of the Timeline contents, almost as if you had exported it manually using the Full Quality DV option. ...


Thank God for the Oscars

Yes, there’s more on television than war coverage, but I can’t turn on the TV without checking out CNN or BBCAmerica. But tonight is the Academy Awards, which promise to at least be something different. I know, I could also turn the TV off, but since hostilities in Iraq, I’ve found myself copelled to watch ...


iM3 VQS Preview in Macworld

I haven’t seen it yet, but the current issue of Macworld on the newsstands includes a booklet insert that contains a few pages from the iMovie 3 VQS, plus material covering the rest of the iLife suite (excerpts from Adam Engst’s iPhoto 2 VQS, and Bob LeVitus’s Little iTunes Book and Little iDVD Book). Topics ...


Free Real World GoLive 6 PDF

Glenn and I (to be fair, Glenn did all the work) have released the complete contents of our book Real World Adobe GoLive 6 as a 23 MB downloadable PDF. See Glenn’s weblog post about why. Also, in response to this action, Doc Searls wonders, “Since books on software have such a short shelf life, ...


Another Ken Burns Fix

Erica Sadun has created an AppleScript script that toggles the Ken Burns behavior on and off. (Poor Ken Burns… his name is associated with documentaries and iMovie annoyances.)

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