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Apple announced the new, third-generation iPad the same week that the print book was being printed. And although the book’s contents still apply to the new iPad, I felt it deserved coverage of the new iPhoto app for iOS, as well as Adobe Photoshop Touch, which was also released for the iPad that same week.

If you own the book, go to to register the book and download a free special addendum focused on those two apps!

The link isn’t immediately obvious. On the Web page, look for the “Register your product” link below the technical specs of the book:

IPad for Photographers The Master the Newest Tool in Your Camera Bag | Peachpit

After you’ve registered the book, you should see a list of Registered Products in your account. Click the Access Bonus Content link to download the PDF.:

Ipad photogs bonus help2

  1. Impossible to get to update chapter, keeps going to store where I can buy the book. I already own it and just want the extra chapter!
    Noreen Brown


    1. Noreen, I just tested this and the content is still available. You _must_ click the Register Your Product link. Then, after you’ve signed in, it should take you to a Registered Products tab of your Account screen. (If you don’t see that, click Account at the top of the screen, and then click the Registered Products tab.) Lastly, you’ll see “Benefit: Access Bonus Content for this book” listed under “iPad for Photographers”.

      I’ve updated the post with an additional screenshot.


  2. Thanks, Jeff.
    I have another question.
    In your book you mention the CloudFTP a portable wifi hotspot. I have this and can get it working but it will only import the jpg files from the RAW+jpg files on the iPad, seemingly losing the RAWs Any ideas?


    1. Noreen, will the CloudFTP import raw files if you shoot in RAW mode only? It could be that it supports only JPEG or is getting confused by seeing a JPEG file and then moving on to the next image.


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