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First Look: iMovie ’11

So what’s new in iMovie ’11? Check out my First Look: iMovie ’11 at Macworld for details. The article was supposed to be only 600 words, but I easily doubled that. And, there are more features I didn’t have room to include (more on these soon).


Premiere Elements 9 for Mac Review

Adobe introduced Premiere Elements 9 for Mac, the first time the video editing application is available on the Mac. My review is now online at Premiere Elements 9.


Breen’s Full Review of iMovie for iPhone

Christopher Breen has been busy, with his full review now online: iMovie on the Mac will likely continue to be controversial, but if you have your expectations regarding iMovie for the iPhone screwed on just so, you’ll find very little to argue with. And how might those expectations fit comfortably? By accepting that, in most ...


Hands On: iMovie for iPhone, by Macworld

Christopher Breen shares his first impressions of iMovie for iPhone.


Sharing HD Video from iMovie for iPhone? Not so fast.

According to this support document from Apple, iMovie for iPhone downsamples video—even HD video—before sharing it via YouTube, MMS, email, or MobileMe. The maximum resolution is 568 x 320, which provides better performance when uploading. So, to get the best quality output, first export the video to the Camera Roll, and then import it to your computer ...


iMovie for iPhone Is Available

Apple has made iMovie for iPhone available for sale at the App Store. The $4.99 app runs only on the new iPhone 4, and clocks in at what seems to be a relatively svelte 30 MB. I’m still waiting for my iPhone 4. Despite starting to order one the minute they were available, I could never ...


Chris Breen on iMovie for iPhone

I'm looking forward to seeing what iMovie for iPhone is like. In the meantime, Chris Breen at Macworld shares his impressions: The merits of iPhone moviemaking.


Color-correct your video in iMovie ’09

Did you know that iMovie offers color-correction features? Learn how to take advantage of them from my newest article at Macworld: Color-correct your video in iMovie.


VHS Conversion Utilities Compared

Wondering what to do with those mouldering VHS tapes? Christopher Breen at Macworld compares the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD and the Elgato Video Capture: VHS capture tools compared.


Maximize Your iMovie Editing Space

In my most recent iMovie column for Macworld, I look at several methods for stretching the boundaries of iMovie’s editing interface: Maximize Your iMovie Editing Space (26 October 2009).