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Macworld Reviews iMovie 10

Serenity Caldwell reviewed the new iMovie 10 for Macworld: iMovie 10 review: a lot to like, a few quibbles. As a longtime iMovie user (and author of several books and articles about it), here’s one line that particularly stood out: The app’s fast enough now that it doesn’t need you to downscale your HD clips ...


Add a timestamp in iMovie

My latest Macworld Create column looks at a relatively simple feature: adding a timestamp to your footage. It’s much better than the old days when cameras would burn the date and time directly onto your footage (and the typography is much better now). I also reveal how to fix footage that has the wrong date ...


Complete Green Screen Setup for $250

In the New York Times, David Pogue discovers that the Westcott uLite Green Screen Lighting Kit is an effective and affordable way to capture green screen footage. iMovie can then knock out the green and let you add other footage in its place. Hollywood-Style Tricks on the Cheap (Although I have a minor quibble: Pogue says ...


Import Flip Video into iMovie for iOS

When I was reviewing iMovie 1.2 for iOS, I was surprised to discover that I could import video directly from my Flip MinoHD camcorder. During the tech edit, Macworld editor James Galbraith had a few questions (for him, he needed to plug his Flip into a powered hub for it to be recognized by the ...


Mastering iMovie Trailers at Macworld

When iMovie ’11 was released, the snazziest new feature was movie trailers, an easy way to create a short movie that had professional-quality editing and a soundtrack (recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra, no less). But a movie trailer seemed like a one-shot distraction. Sure, it was fun, but was that it? In my latest ...


Talking iMovie ’11 on MacVoices

On Tuesday I chatted with Chuck Joiner about what’s new in iMovie ’11 and my TidBITS article, “15 Secrets of iMovie ’11” for the MacVoices podcast. Chuck is always great to talk to, and indulged me when I found myself having to back up and explain things like rolling shutter, CMOS camera sensors, and interlaced ...


15 Secrets of iMovie ’11

There’s a lot more going on with iMovie ’11 than movie trailers and audio editing. In this TidBITS article, I reveal several tips, trivia, and otherwise unknown aspects of Apple’s video editor: ”15 Secrets of iMovie ’11“. Here are a couple of items to tease you: Made with Morse — Speaking of trailers, you can choose ...


First Look: iMovie ’11

So what’s new in iMovie ’11? Check out my First Look: iMovie ’11 at Macworld for details. The article was supposed to be only 600 words, but I easily doubled that. And, there are more features I didn’t have room to include (more on these soon).


Premiere Elements 9 for Mac Review

Adobe introduced Premiere Elements 9 for Mac, the first time the video editing application is available on the Mac. My review is now online at Premiere Elements 9.


Breen’s Full Review of iMovie for iPhone

Christopher Breen has been busy, with his full review now online: iMovie on the Mac will likely continue to be controversial, but if you have your expectations regarding iMovie for the iPhone screwed on just so, you’ll find very little to argue with. And how might those expectations fit comfortably? By accepting that, in most ...