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iMovie 4 Tips from Apple

While playing with a copy of iMovie 4 on the Macworld Expo show floor, I spied an “iMovie Tips” item in the iMovie menu, which leads to an Apple Web page of iMovie tips. Print it out for an easy reference, or to bone up on some of the changes in iMovie 4 when iLife ...


New Skywalker Sounds for .Mac Members

iMovie 3 already includes a bunch of sound effects from Skywalker Sound, but now .Mac members can get 13 more. Access your iDisk in the Finder, and open the Software folder. Open the new Members Only folder, then open the Skywalker Sounds folder. Copy the folder named “Skywalker Sounds from dotMac” to [Home]/Library/iMovie/Sound Effects. (You ...


Avid Free DV

Avid has finally made its iMovie competitor available (after touting it at Macworld Expo last January). Avid Free DV is a free 25.6 MB download.


Adding Sound Effects

Daniel C. Slagle pointed out in email that my description of how to add your own sound effects to iMovie is unneccessarily complicated (see page 115, which explains how to add a sound file to the iMovie 3 application package). He correctly notes that a change you make using this method can be wiped out ...


Directors NotePad

Looking for a central application to track shots and assets while you shoot? Check out Directors NotePad, a $29 lite version of Directors NoteBook.


Another Ken Burns Fix

Erica Sadun has created an AppleScript script that toggles the Ken Burns behavior on and off. (Poor Ken Burns… his name is associated with documentaries and iMovie annoyances.)


Turning Off Ken Burns Default Behavior

It’s unclear why Apple chose to implement the feature this way, but in iMovie 3 the Ken Burns Effect (pan and zoom) is applied to every still image you import into your project. Fortunately, there are a few workarounds: In the Photos pane, set the Zoom value to 1.00 for both the Start and Finish ...