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iMac G5 for Video Editing

David from Florida wrote to me: The one iMac G5 thread I am hoping to read — how will it be for digital video? Let’s say I add 1GB of RAM — will it be fine for Final Cut Express? And how about Final Cut Pro? It doesn’t have to be top of the line. ...


Editing Other People’s Videos

Interesting article in today’s New York Times about companies that will edit up the video footage that you’ve shot and never gotten around to viewing or editing: For Neglected Video, a Hollywood Touch. “The problem people have with their home movies is mostly one of retrieval,” said Mark Smith, a co-owner of Pergamon, a video-editing ...


Learning by Seeing: Firefly

The best way to learn something is to do it, but when you’re talking about film/video editing, sometimes watching can be just as important. My wife and I have been re-watching Joss Whedon‘s short-lived television series Firefly, and although I’ve seen the series twice before (once during its televised run, and again on DVD), the ...


Errata: Rotating Video Clips

On page 29 of iMovie 4 & iDVD 4 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide, I wrote the following tip: Remember that a camcorder isn’t like a still camera. I’ve seen people rotate the camcorder 90 degrees as they would a still camera in an effort to shoot a “taller” image. Unfortunately, no matter ...


Editing 30 fps @ 140 mph

If you thought that carrying a PowerBook gave you the ability to edit on location, check out Geek My Ride, a Final Cut editing system built into a Lexus IS300. This concept car at Macworld Expo in Boston was put to the test by five editors, who were given 90 minutes in the hot seat, ...

i, an “exclusive film community for Mac filmmakers,” has just gone live. You’ll find a number of tips from my book there (added on a regular basis), along with advice, movies, and community discussions of iMovie and related topics.


Combining iMovie Projects

Janet writes: Jeff, I’m new at iMovie (version 4.0.01), and I sure do hope you can solve this mystery so I can complete a project. Here’s the situation. I’ve imported 4 DV’s, each to its own project, and now that I’ve edited each one I’m ready to import them all into a master project. But ...



I’m just about finished with a new book on iMovie and want to share a wee bit of whimsey. Some would call this clip a bit of vacation footage, but I prefer to think of it as a scene from a Star Trek episode. I didn’t think I’d ever actually use the Electricity effect, but ...


Combine iMovie Projects Using a Text Editor

A while back I wrote a piece for Macworld about how to combine iMovie projects… using a text editor! The final piece had to be edited down quite a bit for space, but I’ve put the original article online (which is referenced in the book) for anyone who needs to split a project into discreet ...


New Power Mac G5s

In case you didn’t see the news yesterday: Dual-Processor, Liquid-Cooled Power Mac G5s Announced (TidBITS). Speedy and quieter than current Mac towers? Sounds pretty good to me.