Filling Out Your Cookbook Shelves with ckbk

ckbk is a service to view online the recipes in your cookbooks. A recent collaboration with Eat Your Books looks to be a great pairing.

I’ve found myself in a micro-niche over at TidBITS: the guy who writes about online cookbook recipe services. Last year I wrote about Eat Your Books, which includes an index of around 120,000 cookbooks. The catch is that EYB does not include the recipes themselves. The idea is that you can use its search engine to find ingredients or recipes in books you already own, get the page number, and know exactly in which book you’ll find it. The service is great for plumbing the delights of recipes you probably haven’t opened in a while.

Earlier this year, based on that article, I was contacted by Matthew Cockerill, a longtime TidBITS subscriber and co-founder of ckbk. This service fills in EYB’s gap, providing not just full recipes but also the entire contents of around 700 cookbooks. ckbk does this by licensing the content, with a model that pays publishers or authors directly.

These two great tastes that taste great together just announced a collaboration, where you can add ckbk’s library (or selected titles) to your Eat Your Books library.

This week in TidBITS, I look at ckbk and write about that collaboration: Filling Out Your Cookbook Shelves with ckbk.

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