Photocombobulate #29: AI with Mark Heaps

We welcome Mark Heaps to the Photocombobulate podcast to talk about AI for photographers.

I’m as guilty as others for focusing so much attention lately on Generative AI systems such as Adobe Firefly and Midjourney, but a lot has happened in a short amount of time. To help make sense of it all, Mason Marsh and I invited Mark Heaps onto the latest episode of the Photocombobulate podcast. Mark is a designer, photographer, all-around creative person, and currently the Senior VP of Brand and Creative at Groq, Inc., a company that is creating the chips that power all of this AI/ML-based processing. We talk about GenAI in general, but also dig into the energy requirements behind all of this new technology, which are vast and demanding. It’s one of my favorite Photocombobulate interviews we’ve had (and we’ve talked to some fabulous people!).

Check it out here: Photocombobulate #29: AI with Mark Heaps.

You can also view a lightly-edited video version of our conversation on the Photocombobulate YouTube channel.

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