PhotoActive 137: Zoom Lenses with Chris Niccols

Chris Niccolls joins us on the PhotoActive podcast to talk about zoom lenses!

I remember when I bought my first interchangeable lens camera, two questions loomed above everything else: Should I get a zoom lens or a prime, and should I shoot in raw or JPEG? It made sense to get a zoom with lots of range—people were raving about 18-200mm models at the time—but did I want something large and possibly heavy? Would the relatively slow apertures be a detriment?

Zoom lenses have changed a lot since then, and in the latest episode of the PhotoActive podcast, Kirk McElhearn and I invited Chris Niccolls to talk all about them. He’s always testing new gear for DPReview TV, and has lots and lots of hands-on experience—not just with what’s on the market now, but going back to older manual-focus zoom lenses. We’re thrilled to have him on the podcast again, and I think you’ll enjoy our conversation.

Episode 137: Zoom Lenses with Chris Niccolls

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