One Year of Photocombobulate!

For our one-year anniversary of the Photocombobulate podcast, we tackle a big topic: where do you find joy in photography?

The latest episode of the Photocombobulate podcast out, and it’s a special one: it’s our first anniversary! To commemorate a year of photo talk, great guests, and our now-trademark wild gesticulations, Mason Marsh and I dig into the notion of joy in photography.

Photography is not a trivial undertaking. It takes money, gear, time, practice, persistence, and lots of coffee. So why do we and other photographers do it? Is it the promise of making a great photo? Is it the experience of creating photos, even if the images at the end aren’t good? Or is it because some people just like the gear and the learning, regardless of what gets processed?

It seems almost trivial to say “the joy of photography,” but as with all the topics we tackle on Photocombobulate, there are a lot of complications to unpack and sort out.

Listen to the latest episode in your favorite podcast player (and subscribe!), or here: Episode 23: The Joy of Photography.

And remember that we also create a lightly-edited video version where you can watch us discuss the topic:

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