Eat Your (Cook)Books at TidBITS

I have a new article at TidBITS about an utterly charming service: Eat Your Books. It’s a site that lets you search your physical cookbooks for recipes and ingredients.

Eat Your Books doesn’t store the recipes themselves. Instead it’s a database of more than 160,000 cookbooks. You tell it which ones you own, and then you can look up a recipe or type of food. It will tell you which book and on which page you’ll find it. If you’ve got an abundance of spinach, for example, you can quickly see all the recipes that contain spinach, then grab the physical cookbook off the shelf.


I love physical cookbooks for their photography, their storytelling, and the connection you have with the authors. This makes it easier to find what’s in them, and also exposes you to recipes that are patiently waiting in your kitchen but that you’ve never stumbled across.

Read the article at TidBITS here: Use the Web to Cook Your Books.

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