Speaking at CreativePro Week 2022 in Washington, DC

I’m thrilled to be a speaker at the CreativePro Week 2022 Conference in May, 2022

I’m happy to announce that I will be a featured speaker at the next CreativePro Week conference in Washington, D.C.! The event is May 9-13, 2022 and will be the first in-person CreativePro Week event since 2019.

I was at that show in Seattle, and had a thoroughly great experience, for several reasons. On a professional level, I was the show’s official photographer (an experience I talked about in an episode of the PhotoActive podcast), so I was able to see a little bit of everything. I got to know some of the speakers, and sampled all of the presentations…and let me tell you, the content was amazing.

I learned, for example, that PowerPoint—yes, PowerPoint!—is capable of graphics and animation feats I never dreamed of. I saw designers at the top of their game show off their work and explain how to do what they do. And the whole thing is wrapped up into one of the best-run events I’ve ever attended. If you’re a designer or other creative professional, you need to check it out: CreativePro Week.

I’ll have more to share as the event gets closer, but for now I’m elated to be sharing the stage with some of the best creative folks in the world. I hope I’ll see you there, too.

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