It’s Time to Photocombobulate!

My new podcast Photocombobulate is now live, unraveling so many of the confusing aspects of photography with my good friend and fellow photographer Mason Marsh.

Hello friends!

You might think autocorrect went crazy with that title, but, no, “Photocombobulate” is a real word…or rather, it is now! And it’s also the name of the new podcast I’ve just launched with my good friend and fellow photographer Mason Marsh.

So what does Photocombobulate mean? You’re no doubt familiar with the (real) term discombobulated, which is when things are in a state of confusion. That’s what so much of photography is: a swirling galaxy of cameras, lenses, specifications, specialized nomenclature, accessory equipment, art theory, post-processing, and So. Many. Questions. But photography can also be a richly satisfying experience that gets you outdoors, encourages you to see the world in new ways, and enables anyone to create their own art and memories.

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The Photocombobulate Podcast is our ongoing conversation about reducing confusion and anxiety around photography. For example, understanding your camera is a crucial part of capturing photos, but what are the best ways to find locations to shoot? What do you wear at 5:00 AM so you’re not cold and miserable and distracted as the sunrise breaks? Many of our discussions and guests will be inspired by the photo workshops Mason and I have co-led, but they’ll also be informed by the decades of professional experience between us educating others about photography and all sorts of other topics.

And as much as the podcast is about photography, it’s also the story of a thirty-year friendship that started with late nights in the college newspaper office. Since then, our lives and locations diverged and then came back together with the realization that we’ve been pursuing many of the same goals: learn about photography, share our knowledge widely, raise good families, and enjoy great coffee.


Our first two episodes are published now, with new ones arriving every two weeks. In Episode 1 – Origin Stories, we introduce the podcast and ourselves, including some surprising (to me) information Mason dug up about me on the Internet. Episode 2 – Flow State jumps into the topic of achieving Flow State, where all the ingredients for an endeavor like photography are lined up—combobulated, as it were—to create the best experience. And if that also creates great photos, all the better.


I’d appreciate it if you would give Photocombobulate a listen, and follow the podcast in your favorite podcast app or platform, such as Overcast, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher. Please also consider leaving a rating and review, which helps attract new listeners, and recommending Photocombobulate to your friends.

And speaking of podcasts, my other podcast PhotoActive, co-hosted with Kirk McElhearn, publishes episode #100 (!) next week. You can find all of the previous episodes at

I’ll have more news to share about projects during the fall, but until then, check out Photocombobulate and please let me know what you think at the site or in the comments below.

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