Why I’m Backing the Shimoda Explore v2 Camera Bag

I’ve just backed a new Kickstarter project for a camera bag! (I know, I know, how many camera bags does a photographer need? Ha ha ha, that’s a rhetorical question.)

I’ve just backed a new Kickstarter project for a camera bag! (I know, I know, how many camera bags does a photographer need? Ha ha ha, that’s a rhetorical question.) Upfront, the link I’m providing is an affiliate link, which gives me 10% if you decide to also back the project, and helps me pay for the bag.

First, the bag, and then a short bit about why I’m ordering one.

I’m getting the Shimoda Explore v2 30L with a Medium Mirrorless Core Unit (in green). It’s the mid-size option; there’s also a 25L and 35L (the L is liters, measuring the available interior space). You can read at the Kickstarter project about how it has lots of pockets, water resistance, and all the bells and whistles of a bag designed expressly for photographers. It’s super cool.

Now here’s why I’m getting it: I currently have and use regularly a Peak Design Everyday Backpack, and I love it. It will continue to be my everyday carry when I go out—it holds my Fujifilm X-T3 and a few lenses if necessary, my 16-inch MacBook Pro and 11-inch iPad Pro, and an Evergoods Civic Access Pouch 2L. (Hey, since we’re talking gear, I might as well go all in with my description.) Most of the time, it’s a great bag that does what I need.

But when I go on a deliberate photo shoot, where I want more lenses or gear, the Peak bag is a little tight. I typically have my X-T3 connected to an 18-135mm lens in the center of the bag, and on the other side of the dividers I end up stashing other lenses here and there (a 12mm prime and a 52mm prime, and sometimes I’ll rent something like a 100mm-400mm telephoto). I’m afraid that some day I’ll open it and a lens will tumble out.

This is where the Shimoda Explore v2 will come in. I also got the Medium Core, which is a structured, removable section where I can nestle lenses and filters into those compartments and know they won’t roll around. And when it’s time to set up for a shot, I can either grab the camera from a side access opening, or set the bag down and open the back to get to everything.

This bag won’t replace my Peak backpack; it will be the go-to bag when I head out on photo workshops, photo shoots where I need more gear, or travel. I’ve owned several other bags that seemed promising and didn’t quite deliver in one way or another. I also have friends who have owned other Shimoda bags and swear by their quality and durability.

If you’re in the same situation as I am, or if you’re thinking that after a year of lockdown and limited travel that it’s time to get back out there and take more photos, I’d be grateful if you click the link below, back the project, and indirectly help me with the cost of my gear. (You can also search for the Kickstarter project separately and check it out without using my link. Whether through an affiliate program or not, you pay the same amount.)

Thanks for considering it!

Click here: https://shimoda-explore-v2.kckb.st/4b2e857e

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