Managing Files Book Review and MacVoices Interview

I share a great review of my new book Take Control of Managing Your Files at and talk to Chuck Joiner at MacVoices about it.

In the month since the release of my new book Take Control of Managing Your Files, I’m happy to report that it’s gotten some great attention (and I’m happy with the sales so far, too).

First up, this glowing review by Elisa Pacelli at, “Take Control of Managing Your Files—Book Review” [emphasis mine]:

We’ve all been there. We just know that file is saved somewhere on our computer, we just can’t remember where or what we named it. Or, we throw everything on the Desktop, regardless of file type, and pray to the computer gods that we’ll be able to find what we’re looking for when we need to. Such a waste of time, and an easy way to misplace an important document or folder. Spend a little time reading Take Control of Managing Your Files by Jeff Carlson, and you’ll be on your way to organizational bliss.

Next, Chuck Joiner invited me to talk about the book on MacVoices. In the first installment, we chat about thought processes that go into file management. In the second part, we get more specific, including managing files in iOS and iPadOS.

Take Control of Managing Your Files is available now as an ebook for just $12.99 from Take Control Books.

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