Webinar: Editing Black & White Photos in Luminar, Aug. 27

I’m doing another free Luminar webinar that covers editing black and white photos, on August 27. Join me!

If you wanted to take the easiest route to create a black and white photo, you could simply remove all saturation from it. Voilà, done! But is that how Ansel Adams or Henri Cartier-Bresson would edit their photos if they had this technology? No way. Making a photo grayscale is really the first step in editing it with a black and white result in mind.

On August 27 at 11:00 AM PST, I’m presenting a free live webinar focused on creating great black and white images using the editing tools in Luminar 4. Learn how to best convert your color images to black and white, why color is just as important even when you can’t see it, and more. To sign up to attend the webinar, click this registration link: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WNzdVLYxWQIyjojmLAGaPJQ. (Registering also lets you get the link to the recorded webinar in case you aren’t able to view it live.)

Update: You can watch the webinar here:

My book The Photographer’s Guide to Luminar 4 covers all of Luminar’s editing features and is available now in print and ebook formats. If you purchase the book through Rocky Nook, you can save 40% off by using the code CARLSON40. The book is also available from Amazon and the Apple Bookstore.

The previous two Luminar webinars I’ve hosted were well-attended and resulted in a lot of great questions and answers; they covered editing in general and using masks and layers. I look forward to seeing you at this next one!

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