Take Control of Apple Watch

I’ve just released a new book—and it’s not the one you think! Yes, it’s been less than two weeks since my Luminar 4 book was published (and thank you for the great response to it), but I’m back to announce the immediate availability of a book all about the Apple Watch.

Take Control of Apple Watch is a 173-page ebook covering Apple’s popular wearable, and is, in the words of my fellow author and podcast host Kirk McElhearn, “the most comprehensive book about the Apple Watch since the device was released.” And it’s only $14.99.

Publishing schedules just work out this way sometimes. You juggle multiple projects on divergent timelines, and then for one or a million reasons, they end up coming out around the same time. It is, I humbly admit, a good position to be in.

Maybe you have an Apple Watch now, or you’re thinking of getting one to track your fitness goals or heart health. Perhaps your work and personal notifications are out of control. You might be considering getting one for an elderly parent you want to keep tabs on remotely, so you can be alerted automatically in the event of a fall or to give them an easy way to contact you during emergencies.

I’ve worn an Apple Watch every day since my first “Series 0” model arrived, and I find it invaluable. I think you will, too. Take Control of Apple Watch covers it all: the always-on screen on the latest Series 5 models, the range of communication options that are designed so they don’t overwhelm you, how to use cellular models without having your iPhone nearby, changes in watchOS 6 that apply to nearly every previous Apple Watch model, using contactless payment terminals with Apple Pay, and more.

Like all Take Control books, Take Control of Apple Watch is available in PDF, EPUB (compatible with Apple Books and other readers), and Mobipocket (Kindle) formats. It includes step-by-step instructions, a generous number of screenshots—you should see my Apple Photos library right now, dominated by so many watch screens—and the friendly, knowledgable approach that is the hallmark of the dozens of Take Control titles.

Order the book now at TakeControlBooks.com in any (or all) of the formats. While you’re there, browse the great Take Control library, including Michael Cohen’s new Apple Interface Mysteries book, the free Take Control of Working from Home Temporarily by Glenn Fleishman, and Jeff Porten’s Take Control of Your Productivity (those two work particularly well together now). And don’t forget my own Take Control of Your Digital Photos and Take Control of Your Digital Storage titles.

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