Aurora HDR 2019 and My Photoversity Guide

Aurora HDR 2019 is now available for pre-order! You can also now get my Aurora HDR Photoversity Guide (which covers a previous version) for free.

Skylum has announced Aurora HDR 2019, a big improvement over the first version of Aurora HDR, on which my book Aurora HDR: A Photoversity Guide is based. Pre-orders are now open, and if you use the link below, I get a small affiliate fee. That doesn’t cost you anything more—in fact, pre-ordering before October 4 knocks the price of Aurora HDR 2019 down to $89. If you’re upgrading from a previous version, that price is less (based on which version you currently own).

I have plans to update the Aurora HDR Photoversity Guide for the 2019 version, but other projects on my plate currently have higher priority. In the meantime, I’m offering the current guide as a free download. A few interface things have changed in the interim, but the core concepts still apply.

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