PhotoActive Episodes 14 & 15

I forgot to write a blog post about last week’s PhotoActive podcast episode, so here’s one with double the listening fun!

Last week, Kirk and I had a great conversation with photographer and podcaster Chris Marquardt about his new book, Wide-Angle Photography. It’s a great resource, and he also talked about what prompted him to delve into wide-angle photography: taking a 24mm tilt-shift lens on a photo tour as his only lens. The episode and show notes are here: Episode 14 – Chris Marquardt Goes Wide-Angle.

Marquardt headshot book 800px

In this week’s episode, we talk about time-lapse photography, and how easy it can be to do it and get great results. Especially on the iPhone, with the clever way the Camera app captures time-lapse sequences, this is a style of photography that requires only a camera, a tripod or other way to steady it, and patience. There are plenty of show notes for this one: Episode 15 – Time-Lapse Photography.

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