PhotoActive Episode 3: Black and White

Episode 3 of my new podcast features black and white photography, processing, and shooting.

This week’s episode of the PhotoActive podcast is now available, and in it Kirk McElhearn and I talk black and white photography. Episode 3 contains a bit of history and a lot of technique using the Photos app (and a mention of Lightroom’s approach).

Link: PhotoActive #3 – Black and White.

Be sure to listen for the secret word at the end of the episode that gets you into the PhotoActive Facebook Group, where listeners are posting their own black and white photos.

And, as always, I encourage you to subscribe to the podcast and rate or write a review at iTunes; it helps get the podcast in front of more people.

Oh, and because Take Control Books is sponsoring this episode, you can get 30% off any order! Listen to the episode or check out the web page for the code.

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