Dramatic Discount on My Apple Watch Book

My Apple Watch: A Take Control Crash Course book is now just $5!

Following the release of new versions of Take Control of Your Digital Photos and Take Control of Lightroom CC, there’s one more bit of Take Control news to share. We’ve dramatically reduced the price of my book Apple Watch: A Take Control Crash Course! It’s now just $5.

Why? As I write in a blog post over at the book’s website:

During that time, we’ve also seen four releases of Apple Watch: A Take Control Crash Course, including the first version we published before the watch was even released. And now…well, we think four is a pretty good number, for now. Sales of the book aren’t enough to justify updating the manuscript to account for the changes in Apple Watch Series 3 and watchOS 4.

The good news is that 95% of the current book is still valid and useful. Apple made some changes to the processor between Series 2 and Series 3 of the watch, and released watchOS 4 to run it all (even the oldest models), but those don’t represent a lot in terms of core functions. The things that have impacted me the most with watchOS 4 have been the redesign of the Dock interface and the new app List View that replaces the blobby Grid View.

So if you or a dozen of your friends have just bought an Apple Watch, or you’ve wanted to get more out of Apple’s technological wonder, and you think $5 is a more than fair price to pay for it, go get it.

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