Apple Watch: A Take Control Crash Course v1.3

apple_watch_cc_cover_shadow.pngThe Apple Watch is now a year and a half old, and on its second hardware revision. (Technically, it’s on the third revision, since you can buy a Series 1 model that is identical to the original but with a better processor.) And watchOS 3 brings several enhancements and refinements to Apple’s wearable that show the company was listening to feedback from the first versions.

What better way to take advantage of those than with the latest 1.3 version of my book, Apple Watch: A Take Control Crash Course! If you bought a previous edition, you can get the update for free. If you don’t yet own it, grab it now while the Take Control Winterfest sale is going on to get 25% off the $10 cover price.

So what’s new in this version? That turns out to be an interesting question.

For this time around, my schedule didn’t allow me to work on this update to release it in the window we wanted, so Take Control enlisted the most prolific wordsmith Joe Kissell to do it in my place. I’ve worked with Joe on many projects over the years, and I couldn’t ask for a steadier hand to tackle the Apple Watch Series 2 and watchOS 3 information. And with Scholle McFarland as editor, I knew I didn’t have to worry about anything.

The update is great, and covers the new hardware, new features in watchOS 3 such as easily swiping to change watch faces and the new Dock, and contains 85 pages of densely-packed information and full-color illustrations.

For more on what’s to be found in the book, and some background on how it came about, check out this interview that Joe and I did with Chuck Joiner for MacVoices.

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