How the iPad Pro Stacks Up as a Photographer’s Tool

IPad Pro with SD Adapter top

The iPad Pro has a lot going for it, so I took a look specifically in terms of how it can be used by photographers for a new article at Macworld: How the iPad Pro Stacks Up as a Photographer’s Tool.

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  1. Jeff (another one!) December 30, 2015 at 6:35 pm

    I was searching your site – great information! In regards to this topic, I am looking at a new iPad to reduce some bulk on my travels. Is is possible to use LR Mobile on the iPad Pro and import a photo or photos to edit particular RAW (Canon CR2) files to share? As I’m out shooting, I want to occasionally edit and share an image to social media without ingesting on bulky laptop. Just import a photo or two from my SD card, edit, share and be on my way again! Or, have we not got quite this far with LR, SD importing and the iPad? Thanks!!


  2. When you import photos from the SD card, they go to the Photos app. Lightroom mobile can import them, but it doesn’t do raw files. If you’re shooting only raw format, then LRmobile won’t see them at all. If you’re shooting raw+JPEG, LRmobile will import the JPEG version. So as long as you don’t mind dealing with occasional duplicates back in Lightroom later when you ingest your photos to the computer, doing field edits and sharing will work. But the edits aren’t made to the raw versions.


  3. Came across your site as I was contemplating whether to upgrade my iPad Air to the 9.7in Pro. The one bottleneck I’ve found wit the iPad is that there’s no easy way for me to sort through and delete photos on the road while using the Photos app. I can mark photos as Favorites, but when you view the thumbnails in Photos there’s no way to see which are marked as Favorites and which aren’t (as you can in Photos for OS X). Is there any way around this, or another app I should consider to use in conjunction with Photos for iOS?


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