Quick Lightning to SD Card Adapter Speed Comparison

I’ve just received Apple’s newest Lightning to SD Card adapter, which provides USB 3 speeds when transferring photos to an iPad Pro (see more here).

I performed a quick import of 40 Raw+JPEG images totaling 1.5 GB of data using the new adapter and the old one on an iPad Pro. Watch here:


Loading thumbnail previews

Old/USB 2: 01:16

2015/USB 3: 00:23

Importing Images

Old/USB 2: 02:20

2015/USB 3: 00:30

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  1. Is the only difference the import speed? While I have largely given up on the iPad as a photography tool, I am finding it to be an invaluable tool for video production. The HD camera & a plethora of video making accessories make it a great alternative to a traditional camcorder. There are mics, tripod attachments & a host of apps that give me total control.

    With that being said, would the pro model EXPORT video to a computer at a faster rate as well?


    1. Yes, the import speed is the only difference. That’s a good question about exporting; I’ll have to give it a try.


  2. Reblogged this on Photo / journalism and commented:
    If you have considered the iPad as a tool for your photographic endeavors, visit this blog. It is packed with information regarding this very topic.


  3. Hi there,
    I’ve just been told in an Apple Store in Australia that only the “lightning to USB camera” adapter is USB 3. They can’t seem to wrap their head around the Lightning part being the USB 3 bit. So, since they can’t help, do you know how to distinguish the old USB 2 and the new USB 3 lightning to SD card adapters? It doesn’t seem to say on the box.


    1. The USB 3-capable one is longer, more rectangular, than the old one.


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