Apple Watch Dissatisfaction, Cyber Monday, and Other Distractions

I’m easily distracted, so one of the things I try to do is reduce distractions or at least be distracted by things that are worth my time. A lot of things I run across during the day are saved to Instapaper for reading or viewing later, but some items are relevant to something I’m working on or too compelling to resist. So, here’s a list of today’s distractions, a quick filter of things I think you’d be interested in.

  • Apple Watch and Dissatisfaction: Ben Bajarin looks at the reasons 340 people stopped using their Apple Watches. The results point to the immaturity of a brand new market and people’s expectations. Ben is putting together a conference just about the Apple Watch, Glance. I’m currently updating my book Apple Watch: A Take Control Crash Course, and so my head is even more in the Watch space.
  • Phase One has released a big update to Capture One Pro, its software that offers great raw image processing. Capture One Pro 9 includes new image editing and asset management tools. I reviewed Capture One Pro 8.3 for Macworld earlier this year.
  • There are a ton of Cyber Monday/Black Friday deals out there, but are they really deals? The Wirecutter is sorting the good from the hype. Also follow @WirecutterDeals on Twitter for the latest updates.
  • This is actually a good deal: MacPhun’s big Creative Kit (which includes six photo-editing applications for the Mac) is on sale for $90 through today. If you order using this link, you can help support me and this site (I get a small commission).
  • Speaking of MacPhun, my latest book is still on sale for 33% off! Aurora HDR and Aurora HDR Professional: A Photoversity Guide, a title I published entirely on my own to coincide with the release of the software, covers the details of using this new HDR (High Dynamic Range) photo application co-developed with HDR master Trey Ratcliff.
  • My friend Mason Marsh shares gift ideas for photographers under $100 at Photofocus, which are more than just “a lens filter and air blower” that many sites offer.
  • I’ve just discovered the Imaginary Worlds podcast by Eric Molinsky, and after one episode I’m hooked. Of course, that one episode, 1977, is about Star Wars… but focuses on what the cultural climate was like when Star Wars first appeared. I’m looking forward to other episodes; he’s in the middle of a five-episode series about that movie franchise in a galaxy far, far away.

Okay, back to it for me. Lots to do!

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