Take Control of Wi-Fi

For many years, Glenn Fleishman and I shared office space in a handful of locations, with a handful of other writers, editors, and artists. He would often step into my office to chat about something going on in tech, or in the news, or just to release the pressure valve that is a writer’s brain after you’ve been starting at words on a computer screen for too long.

And I remember one day, I think it was 1999, when Glenn walked into my office and said, “I’m going to be the world’s expert on Wi-Fi.”

And then he did.

We take wireless networking for granted now, but instead of it fading into the background, it’s actually now more important than ever. “Networking” isn’t merely transporting files from one computer to another, it’s how our mobile and wearable devices communicate with each other and receive information from the rest of the world.

Now Glenn has updated his best-selling book on the topic: Take Control of Your Apple Wi-Fi Network. I admit it sounds like a dry topic, but when something goes screwy…when your devices can’t connect even though everything looks right…when you need to transfer information easily…and when you need to make sure that the network traffic is actually secure…that’s when you’ll be happy this ebook is right there on your iPad, iPhone, or Mac.

That’s really just a long way of saying: Buy Glenn’s book! It’s good!


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