My Apple Watch Review in the Seattle Times

Apple Watch Inception

My review of the Apple Watch appears in today’s Seattle Times: Apple Watch impresses, amuses even though it’s the 1.0 version.

My editor wanted a tight review in 700 words, which was hard to do because there’s so much to say about the Apple Watch and because writing shorter is always more difficult than writing longer.

The Apple Watch experience, more than that of any other Apple product, is defined by details. Some are amazing and genuinely delightful, while others remind you that Apple’s foray into a new category of computing is still a first-generation product.

Speaking of which, I’m hard at work on the expanded version of my book Apple Watch: A Take Control Crash Course. It’s currently 50% off at $5, and will return to its normal $10 price as soon as the update is ready; if you buy the book now, you get the full version for free when it’s released!

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