Back to the Cherry Blossoms


When you’re a freelance writer, it’s easy to get caught up in deadlines and projects and article pitches and finances and taxes and everything else. On Monday I escaped the computer briefly to visit the University of Washington for the second time in as many weeks, because it’s also important to get away from all that, even for just a few hours.

It’s even more important to escape all that with the people in your life, so today Kim and I picked up our daughter early from after-school care and returned to the Quad while the cherry blossoms are still very much in bloom. Given our schedules, it would have been difficult to do it at other times, and I was worried that this weekend our schedules would be too busy, the Quad would be too crowded, or the rain that’s expected over the next few days will whip the blossoms off the trees.

We braved a few faint sprinkles and enjoyed some time outside, cajoling my daughter to pose for photos (I’d say about 40 percent successful) and simply being amid fleeting outdoor beauty.

It does make a difference. It’s easy to forget that in front of a computer screen.

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Pink on Pink

Reading Under Clouds

Full Bloom

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