Holidays Are for Proofreaders

Carsons2After we mailed our holiday cards last year, my wife decided to order a stamp for our return address instead of printing and affixing stickers. The stamp arrived, we put it into a drawer, and forgot about it until it was time to do this year’s cards.

After we received our cards this time around, Kim stamped all the envelopes with our address, and also added postage. One day, while Ellie and I were signing the cards and putting them into the envelopes, I noticed what you’ve probably already seen in the image: Apparently we’re the “Carsons,” not the “Carlsons.”

Kim and I both remember proofing the form when we ordered the stamp, and we’re both certain it said “Carlsons.” So we suspect the manufacturer goofed, but since that was last year it’s not like we can complain.

So that left two choices: make an edit mark on all the envelopes to include the L, or send them as-is and see who notices. Of course we chose #2. As we anticipated, the most wordsmithy of our friends have been the first to notice.

Happy holidays from the “Carson-Carlsons!” Thank you for your friendship and joy.

Ellie in Snow

Carlsons xmas lights 2014 b

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