5K iMac Represents a Retina Tipping Point

In my latest Seattle Times Practical Mac column, I take in the beautiful screen of the new 5K iMac and wonder: Have we reached a Retina tipping point? Not all of Apple’s products offer Retina screens (the MacBook Air is the last holdout, and you can still buy non-Retina iMac, MacBook Pro, and iPad models), but they’re now in the minority.

Personally, I’m thrilled that the best improvement to computing is something that benefits the thing we look at all the time. (And personally I’m a little jealous, since I’m still soldiering on with a non-Retina 2010 MacBook Pro as my main Mac. My wife bought a 13-inch MacBook Pro last year, and I try my best to avoid it for fear that my li’l workhorse laptop will seem rough in comparison.)

Do you agree? Check out the article here: Retina 5K display a gorgeous sight worth its price.

  1. My iPad has a retina screen, and it is my COMPASS as to how to edit my photography. I do most of my editing, my first edit, on my laptop and when I get handy with LR5 and PS CC I’ll do MOST of my editing on my laptop. IF I could afford a retina screen, I would in a heart beat get it. I treasure my iPad like it is gold. I also do my final editing with apps on my iPad, always checking again with my laptop, especially reds. What looks good on a retina screen does not always look good on my laptop screen, and vice versa. Hopefully one day we both will have a retina screen that is BIG.


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