Photo Etiquette Real-World Followup

Last week I published an article at about photography etiquette, which I framed around an experience I had where a photographer stepped into my frame. In it, I talked to Nicole S. Young, who related the tale of when her husband accidentally bumped her tripod during a long exposure.

Well today her husband, Brian Matiash, writes about a different sort of bad etiquette—interacting with jerk photographers.

I really could have used a 3-stop filter, so I walked over to the elderly photographer and asked him if he had a 3-stop ND filter that I could use for 2-3 photos. It wouldn’t have taken more than 3 minutes tops. He looks at me, looks down at my camera, and asks:

Will this be used in any commercial publication?

Go read the whole thing. And don’t be a jerk out there!

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