Apple’s “Stickers” MacBook Air Commercial

Apple’s latest commercial is quick and fun, showing off a variety of lid stickers adorning the MacBook Air.

What caught my eye, aside from the glimpse of the old six-color Apple logo at the end, was the fact that each sticker is clearly on a different, real machine. It would have been easy for Apple to position one blank MacBook Air in front of the camera and then digitally add the stickers. But no: each sticker is affixed to a different MacBook Air. You can tell by watching the bottom edge, which shifts slightly, and also by the scratches and dings that appear on some models.

Stickers devil

(Looks like Matthew Panzarino had the same idea, posting this a few minutes before I posted my entry; we even chose the same sticker as example.)

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  1. I have enjoyed this ad a number of times today and I do love what TBWA\Media Arts Lab did with it to make every one of the Air laptops look as real as possible. I say this because there is some visual evidence where they got a little lazy with the stickers and textures. I wish there was a full 1080p version available because it would be more obvious, especially with the use of some scuff textures. Yes, there are repeated elements.

    But the most egregious one is the “tape residue” in the upper left corner shown at :20 and then the same tape residue again at :23 (ostensibly on a different machine) in almost the exact same spot. Then you take a look at the bottom right of that same frame and there is the same tape residue texture being reused in the same frame yet they did take the time to distort both of them a bit to make less obvious.

    I’m not saying all of them are “fake” but clearly not all of them are “real”.


  2. That kind of detail, Sir, is why good design exists. Good eye.


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