So You Want to Attend a Photo Workshop

Frequent readers here know that I thoroughly enjoyed a photo workshop I attended last October. It was a chance to focus solely on my photography, experiment with styles I didn’t have much experience with, and drink a fair amount of really good coffee. But what other aspects of a photography workshop are important?

I enjoyed this piece by photographer Sara Lando, “So you want to attend a photography workshop,” both for its good advice and her witty writing style.

Have at least one or two specific questions before you step into the room. Stress on specific. You can’t reach a goal unless it’s defined and measurable. “I want to take better pictures” is a crap goal for a workshop: how will you know if they are better? Or better enough to justify the cost of the workshop? A better goal would be something like “I want to learn where to place my main light, because all of my portraits seem to have weird shadows and that pisses me off so much I want to punch the model in the face and since I’m a kid photographer, this might be a problem”.

If I had the means, I’d go see her (and many other top photographers) at the upcoming Gulf Photo Plus 2014 workshop in Dubai. Instead, I’ll encourage you to go. With specific questions in mind.

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