Back in Seattle, Back to Work

Foggy Autumn Sidewalk

Yesterday was my first full day back after 10 days of a spectacular photography workshop in Oregon, and I quickly had to settle into the everyday routine of house and work. (On the work side, it was mostly catching up.) I think waking up every day at 5 am also took its toll, because after I put my daughter to bed I crashed hard, waking up only to stagger from the living room couch to bed.

Now I’m back at it, with a lot to do over the next few weeks. But that gives me a chance to announce that I just sent the finished version of my new book to the publisher. The OS X Mavericks Pocket Guide should be available soon, anticipating Apple announcing it next week at its October 22 media event. I’m also hard at work on The iPad and iPad mini Pocket Guide (5th Edition), which covers iOS 7 and whatever iPad news Apple announces. (I have no inside information about the next iPad revisions, alas. I’m hoping for a Retina iPad mini and a thinner, lighter full-size iPad, but that’s based on media reports.) You can pre-order both books now; the Mavericks Pocket Guide will no doubt ship before the listed December 30 publication date (both dates are just estimates Peachpit had to enter when they added them to Amazon’s catalog).

So, in short, I’m busy as heck (with a few other projects up my sleeve that I’m not ready to announce). But I’m also enjoying my favorite season, as demonstrated by the photo at the top of this page. I hope you’re enjoying autumn as well.

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