Chapter 5 of Take Control of Your Digital Photos Now Up

In the latest chapter of my book, which we’re serializing at TidBITS, I encourage you to be judgmental during the review of your imported photos: “Judge Your Photos.”

That means scrutinizing them with specific quality levels in mind. Sure, it’s easy enough to say one photo is okay and another isn’t so hot, but where does that leave you? With a lot of gray area. And in your mission to take control of your digital photos, you don’t want gray areas. You want to take specific actions to make working with your library better and easier.

To recap, we’re publishing my ebook one chapter at a time for TidBITS members only; when it’s done, it will be bundled into a proper ebook (PDF, EPUB, Kindle) and sold as a complete book. If you’re not yet a TidBITS member, you can sign up here (and view all of the other member benefits). For more information about Take Control of Your Digital Photos, read my earlier post, “New Book! With a Twist: Take Control of Your Digital Photos.”

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