More MacVoices: Talking about Take Control of Your Digital Photos

MacVoicesWhen Chuck Joiner interviewed me for his MacVoices show last week, we spent part of the time talking about The iPad for Photographers, Second Edition (see here) and the rest of the session talking about my current Take Control of Your Digital Photos ebook. Watch or listen to the episode here: MacVoices #13166: Jeff Carlson Takes Control of Your Digital Photos, One Step At A Time. Here’s a description:

Jeff Carlson has yet another digital photography project going, with a Take Control twist. His newest book will be Take Control of Your Digital Photos, but what makes it different is that he’s writing it online, one chapter at a time, and you can watch him do it if you’re a TidBITS member. Jeff talks about how the project has developed and how it is changing based on reader feedback as he goes. With approximately one article/chapter per week, the book can be enjoyed a little at a time. More importantly, you can use Jeff’s advice to take control of the mass of unorganized digital photos that you are sure to have sitting on a hard drive somewhere. Jeff feels that digital photos should be fun, and will help you take some of the drudgery out of tagging, organizing and sharing them.

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