Chapter 4 of Take Control of Your Digital Photos Posted

The next chapter of my serialized ebook Take Control of Your Digital Photos is now published and available for TidBITS members. In this section, “Best Practices for Importing Photos,” I dig deep into a step that most people gloss over: copying photos from a camera or memory card into the computer. By applying metadata presets and keywords during import, you can save yourself a lot of time later. From the introduction:

Moving photos from a camera or memory card to the computer seems like mere transportation: bits captured and stored in one location are copied and saved to a new location. That sounds about as exciting as bringing groceries home from the market.

But what if those groceries could assemble themselves into prepared meals by the time you delivered them to your kitchen? And what if your photos could organize themselves on the way to your hard disk by detailing what’s in each image, where it was shot, and by whom?

Your computer can do more than just shuttle files from one location to another. By taking advantage of software’s capability to assign metadata during the import stage, much of the drudgery of organizing photos is handled upfront with minimal interaction required by you.

To recap, we’re publishing my ebook one chapter at a time for TidBITS members only; when it’s done, it will be bundled into a proper ebook (PDF, EPUB, Kindle) and sold as a complete book. If you’re not yet a TidBITS member, you can sign up here (and view all of the other member benefits). For more information about Take Control of Your Digital Photos, read my earlier post, “New Book! With a Twist: Take Control of Your Digital Photos.”

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