Chapter 3 of Take Control of Your Digital Photos Now Live

The next chapter of my latest book, serialized at, is now available for TidBITS members: Choose a Photo-Management Application. To recap, we’re publishing my ebook one chapter at a time for TidBITS members only; when it’s done, it will be bundled into a proper ebook (PDF, EPUB, Kindle) and sold as a complete book. If you’re not yet a TidBITS member, you can sign up here (and view all of the other member benefits). For more information about Take Control of Your Digital Photos, read my earlier post, “New Book! With a Twist: Take Control of Your Digital Photos.”

Although it’s possible to dump photos into a folder on your computer and call that “organization,” this is one case where I don’t recommend a do-it-yourself approach. My photo-management strategy relies heavily on software to organize images and apply essential metadata. The time you save when tagging and searching for images, in my opinion, justifies the price of a good photo-management program.

But which one? I’d love to say, “Go get this one program and you’ll be set,” but that’s not realistic: your photo library may already be stored in an application that makes it difficult to transition; or you may need something that offers more image-editing features than other programs.

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