iPad Travel Workflow

I’m currently on vacation at Disneyland and have barely touched my laptop the whole trip. If I didn’t need it at the end of the trip (visiting folks in Glendale) I probably would have left the laptop home.

While I’m standing in line for a ride, I’m getting caught up using my iPhone and came across this piece by Dan Bailey detailing his iPad travel photo workflow. Good advice there.

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  1. If what you’re primarily interested in is photo backup from SD card DIRECTLY to HDD or some other outboard device, there are a lot of options now popping up. I’m presently using the Kensington MobileLite Wireless SD card reader – USB2 hub that allows you to do just this – files transfer quickly (I’ve clocked transfers at around 11-12MB/sec, dedicated photo vault territory) totally under the control of the microcontroller inside the hub. An app on the iPad launches the transfer and permits you to view the files on either device or monitor the progress of the transfer. You can also shut down the app and the transfer will continue unabated – great if you want to do something else while you’re waiting. The hub can also act as a Wifi pass-through to allow you to browse the web while the transfer completes in the background. $60 for the hub and another $60 for a good portable HDD is a very cost effective and flexible method of backup of ANY type of image file.

    Once the files are loaded onto the HDD, you can bring the ones you want wirelessly into your iPad. No magic connector kits or other stuff needed.


  2. That looks interesting, thanks for the pointer! I’ll see if Kensington can send me a review unit so I can write about it.


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